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Class A Energy Solutions is a successful industry leader in commercial solar sales, design & installation. Here at Class A, we understand the importance of keeping business running costs under control, and tailor cash positive energy solutions to our customer’s individual needs. Our sister company, Class A Electrical Pty Ltd, completed over 6000 solar installations in Australia.


Class A Electrical serviced clients in the electrical field for over 15 years and installed solar for over 6 and a half years. Class A Energy Solutions is the rapidly emerging energy efficiency company, grown from a market demand for cost cutting and environmental awareness in Australian industry and commerce.


Specialising in all manner of solar installations, Class A Energy Solutions also assists customers with energy auditing and monitoring, energy efficient lighting retrofits, and generator/battery backup.


 Founded in 2009, Class A Energy Solutions is Australian owned with a head office in Adelaide and agents in all other Australian states.

Commercial Solar

The price of solar systems have declined dramatically over the last few years and this, coupled with recent electricity price rises has meant that commercial solar for businesses is now very attractive.

Residential Solar

We have installed solar panels in almost 12,000 homes, businesses and government facilities throughout Australia.

Solar Finance

Solar power and energy efficient equipment can be a great investment in the future of your business or your family. We know from years of experience that such technologies will save you money.


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Office 11, 311 Glen Osmond Road, Glenunga SA, 5064

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Contact Class A Energy Solutions today to see how we can help you save on your energy costs. Be it domestic or commercial, large or small we have the expertise and experience to assist you.

Solar for Business
Residential Solar


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about us

Class A Energy Solutions have developed their processes and teams to enable effective and timely installations of all our commercial projects. Our teams are made up of experienced and dedicated electricians and installers all sharing the same vision and goals.

Our teams are made up of experienced and dedicated electricians and installers all sharing the same vision and goals.