20 Cent Feed in Tariff

About Urth Energy

Urth Energy is a boutique 100% Australian owned National Electricity Retailer with a difference. The company is focused on renewable energy initiatives that reduce customers’ electricity consumption and expense. This, coupled with a company structure of lower overheads, allows for cheaper electricity solutions to be passed onto customers.

It is Class A Energy Solutions & Urth Energy’s mission to promote renewable energy savings, sharing

the profits with customers, not sponsoring stadiums.

About Feed in Tariff 20 Cent (FIT20*)

FIT20* is one of the popular products in the suite of offerings by Class A Energy Solutions & Urth Energy. This product offers a 20 cent Feed In Tariff that can be received after installing a new solar system. To qualify for the 20 cent feed in  Tariff, the new solar system must be installed by Class A Energy Solutions.

Features of the FIT20* include:

  • 20 cent per Kilowatt Bonus Feed in Tariff calculated on any surplus energy the solar system generates and exports to the electricity grid.
  • Electricity contract with very competitive rates for standard grid electricity. This is typically a 3 year electricity contract term that has zero penalty or exit fees;
  • The FIT20* is available for both residential and commercial solar systems up to a maximum of 100 Kilowatts in size
  • The amount of energy exported back to the grid that is eligible  to receive the 20c per kWh payment is capped to a maximum of 25% of the generation capacity of the installed solar system. Any amount in excess of the 25% then reverts to a 10 cent per kW Feed in Tariff.
  • Maximising customers return on investment of their solar system

“Installation was so easy and the deal I got was fantastic, I’m saving money straight away”- Robert, Sydney

“Glad to be receiving a good feed in tariff. It makes putting solar on even more valuable to me” – Melanie, Robina

“The 20c FIT introduced to me by my solar installer was the reason I engaged his services and Urth“ – Keith, Orange

*FIT20 not available in NT, VIC or WA