Perhaps you’ve considered getting solar before but found that the initial up-front costs were too high to make it worth it.

Or maybe you’ve never seriously investigated solar for your business before.

Solar is still an investment. Like any investment, you should give careful consideration to the financial return. But now, more than ever, is the time to get serious about solar.

3 reasons you should absolutely get solar this year

1. Your power bill is going to get bigger

Across Australia, energy prices are on the rise. Electricity prices have more than doubled in the last 10 years with no sign of stopping.

Worse, many businesses are about to face the sharpest rise in grid electricity ever rolled out.

That’s bad news for the bottom line. Period.

South Australia served as painful case-study of the dramatic negative impact power prices have on business throughout 2016. Headlines around the country spelled out doom for businesses unable to handle the rising costs.

Ironically, SA’s high use of sustainable power was inaccurately blamed. (In reality, the facts show that renewable energy has dramatically reduced electricity price spikes in South Australia.) The simple truth is that being able to generate your own power cuts your reliance on the grid, which lowers your power bills.

And that’s good news for the bottom line. Period.

2. Initial costs are lower than ever

Think that the price tag to get your own solar system is too high? Think again.

For years, the initial costs associated with commercial-sized solar systems were prohibitively expensive, keeping many businesses from investing.

Two big things have changed in the last 5-10 years, however, making solar systems for businesses less expensive than ever before.

First, solar has become increasingly mainstream. With more suppliers and installers in the market, the upfront cost of purchasing and installing a system have been reduced significantly.

Second, solar technology has improved significantly. Better technology has led to major gains in the production efficiencies of systems. Over simply, this means you get more power from fewer panels.

Thanks to the lower up-front costs coupled with better power generation, the amount of time a system takes to pay for itself has never been shorter.

And while the feed-in rates of yesteryear are gone, help to offset the initial cost is still available. Government programs targeting energy efficiency will be available on and off throughout the year and can significantly reduce costs. So can private enterprise options, such as solar finance, which allows you to put $0 down, helping your investment in solar to be cash flow positive straight away.

3. Consumers, especially Millennials, care about sustainability

Studies show that an ever-increasing number of consumers consider a company’s sustainable actions in their own purchasing decisions. This trend of ‘conscious consumption’ is particularly prevalent among Millennials.

Why should you care?

Because every 20-something-year-old and almost every 30-something-year-old is a Millennial.

Which means that, for most businesses, Millennials either currently are your target market or will be in the next few years.

Proactively taking steps to improve your organisation’s reputation in terms of sustainability is one way to win over discerning consumers and help set your business apart from your competitors.

Make power work for you in 2017

The first step to getting your business set for solar is generally a quote and energy audit to identify your needs and what solutions will work for you.

Class A Energy Solutions can help businesses throughout Australia with solar system, generator and battery solutions. Please contact us for further information or to get started with a quote.