Alice Springs Basketball – Solar & Lighting

About the System

In July 2017 Class A Energy Solutions upgraded 38 Highbay lights and installed a 30kW solar system for Alice Springs Basketball Association at 5 Traeger Avenue in Alice Springs.

  • Lighting

Replacing the 44oW Highbay lighting with energy efficient 150W LED versions will save around 1700kWh per month (based on 5hr/day run time for the lights). This equates to annual savings of over 20,000kWh, or ~$6,000.

  • Solar

A 30kW solar system in Alice Springs will produce in the order of 55,000 kWh per year, based on the Clean Energy Council averages. For the Basketball Association (factoring in some overproduction) we estimate savings to be in the region of $13,000 in grid power annually! The installed system features 104 x 290W JA Solar panels, 2 x 15kW Fronius Symo inverters and a Fronius Smart Meter (for complete system monitoring).

About Alice Springs Basketball Association

Alice Springs Basketball Association is committed to developing basketball in Alice Springs as a sport for people of all ages and skill levels, encouraging all to play for enjoyment. In 1983, through the help of NT government grants, the outdoor courts were converted to the present indoor stadium. For more information and to get involved, please see their website for more details.