Augusta Westside 20kW

The Comfort Inn Augusta Westside takes pride in being Eco-friendly with a particular focus on water conservation, and with the help of Class A Energy Solutions now solar. They are proud to promote that the electricity in each apartment in their luxuriously appointed Eco- Suites is from accredited renewable energy sources.

Class A Energy Solutions provided a comprehensive energy audit detailing how the Comfort Inn Augusta Westside could reduce their energy consumption and help the environment. Class A Energy Solutions successfully installed a 20kW system comprised of an SMA inverter with 80X250W Tier 1 panels. The system will produce on average 27,140kWh annually.

This investment has not only helped in counteracting the mounting power costs of the Comfort Inn Augusta Westside but is saving them 40,588kWh per year in electricity and over 30 tonnes of green house gas emissions.