Big River Feeds 96kW

Big River Feeds recent state of the art expansion to include a mill in its Murray Bridge facilities meant that their power usage was set to rise. The mill produces up to 1300 tonnes of feed per week and has been designed to help the company maintain and improve its product quality. With the mill running 24 hours a day, on a five-day cycle, Big River Feeds wanted to investigate ways to lower their running costs.

Class A Energy Solutions performed a comprehensive energy audit and identified discrepancies within their billing structure.  Class A Energy Solutions analysed these charges and working together with SA Power Networks set the appropriate demand usage accordingly. An existing Power Factor Correction Unit was serviced and reprogrammed to be far more efficient. With power factor correction working perfectly, and the demand brought to a realistic level, combining that with a 96kW Solar System, Big River feeds will have a return on investment in less than 2 years!

In the first month of operation there has already been a demonstrated 28% saving on Big River Feeds power bill by comparison to the previous year. This is an excellent result considering February was a short month, and power factor correction was not yet in full operation.