Gary J Smith 20kW

Gary J Smith Real Estate is one of the largest and most experienced teams in the Inner South western, Beachside and Southern suburbs with over 400 years of combined real estate experience and in their 40th year as a company.

In keeping with the times, this progressive real estate agency chose Class A Energy Solutions to tailor a commercial solar system to combat the increasing power bill.

After analyzing the energy usage and carefully inspecting the sites structural requirements, Class A Energy Solutions installed a 20kW system designed to match Gary J Smith’s power needs whilst taking into account their available roof space.

The system will save them on average 30,660kWh per year in electricity consumption and with over 0.30cents per kWh this project has proven to be a worthy investment with positive results.

The system is comprised of German Schneider Conext Inverters and 250W premium panels, a quality system for a quality agency!