Jester Hill Wines 12kW

Jester Hill Wines, a family owned business, located in the Granite belt of Queensland, strives to ensure the unique continental climate of the Granite belt is represented in each bottle of wine they produce.

 The property has seen many improvements over the years, but none so beneficial to the environment or to the owners as the 48 panel, 12kWh solar array strategically placed on the roof, which see’s Jester Hill Wines utilizing the energy of the power of the Queensland sun and convert it into savings on their power costs. After consultation with Class A Energy Solutions a carefully tailored 12Kw solar system was installed giving Jester Hill Wines an advantage over their energy costs.

 This system is saving Jester Hill Wines an average of 18,396kWh per year in electricity and over 16 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.