Le Cornu Darwin 100kW

Le Cornu Darwin is a family owned store that can trace its origin back to the arrival in Australia of Phillip Joshua Le Cornu in 1854. Today they offer customers a wide range of  home and office furniture (Living, Dining, Bedroom, Outdoor and Office). They are open seven days a week and they are located at 2 Snell Street in Stuart Park.

With daytime operating hours (and therefore power usage), Le Cornu is perfectly suited to benefit from the installation of solar.

Class A Energy Solutions installed a 100kW SolarEdge solar system on the Le Cornu Darwin Building in July 2016. This system will produce around 172,157 kWh per year, saving the business around $47,000 in grid power consumption! The SolarEdge system offers unparalleled monitoring (right down to each individual panel) and outstanding performance. Each individual panel in the SolarEdge system has a Power Optimiser installed, enabling each panel to output its full generation potential, regardless of the generation of neighbouring panels in the string (as in a more ‘traditional’ string inverter system).