The Maid and Magpie Hotel 30kw

The Maid and Magpie is one of the oldest hotels in Adelaide and is steeped in South Australian history. Built in 1848, this watering hole has been a mainstay in the South Australian hotel scene.

Having recently undergone a stylish and prestigious renovation the rejuvenated Maid and Magpie now features a contemporary beer garden, and stylish indoor bars and lounges, perfect for seeing out a weekend.

Along with the new additions, The Maid and Magpie commissioned Class A Energy Solutions to install a 30kW solar system to reduce the hostel’s power consumption costs. The system will save on average 45,990kWh per year which is equivalent to 33 tonnes of green house gas emissions , which equates to 3,300 trees being planted each year. Thats ‘cheers’ to Mother Nature and the Maid and Magpie!