Medows Mogas 20kW

Mogas Regional Meadows is one of 75 outlets throughout South Australia and is a 7.00am to 7.00pm, 7 Day business supplying Diesel, PULP , ULP and LPG. Along with their convenience store they also offer the easy fuel discount card, an incentive to collect fuel discounts and save money.

Saving money is something everybody is keen to explore and the owners of the Meadows Mogas station invested in a 20kW solar system to get them started. After evaluating their power needs and usage + cost of kWh it was clear solar would benefit the station and give the results required.

Class A Energy Solutions installed the 20kW system which will save them 40,588kWh per year in electricity and when estimating 0.30cents a kWh, this system starts saving money from day one. A worthwhile investment.