Mitchell’s Adventure 60kW

Mitchell’s Adventure offers their customers a wide range of products for Camping, Hiking, Travel, Military, Hunting and Workwear. The Mitchell brothers came to Australia after building a successful empire as diamond miners in South Africa. In 1909, the first Mitchell’s store opened in Russell Street, Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and is still trading today.

Micthell’s trade throughout the day, making them a perfect candidate to take advantage of the power generation offered by installing solar.

Class A installed a 60kW SolarEdge solar system (well, 59.74kW to be exact) on the Mitchell’s Adventure building at 788 Stuart Hwy, Berrimah. This system will generate around 96,000 kWh per year, saving the business around $28,000 in their energy consumption from the grid!

The SolarEdge system offers unparalleled monitoring (right down to each individual panel) and outstanding performance. Each individual panel in the SolarEdge system has a Power Optimiser (pictured below) installed, enabling each panel to output its full generation potential, regardless of the generation of neighbouring panels in the string (as in a more ‘traditional’ string inverter system).