Mitre 10 Aberfolye Park 20kW

Mitre 10 started out as a Co-operative group of hardware stores with only 8 members. Today the Mitre 10 group has more than 900 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, with Aberfoyle Park Mitre 10 being one of them.

 As with many businesses Mitre 10 are always looking at ways to cut costs and better the environment, and solar was the logical choice, particularly as the are a daytime operation. Many Mitre 10’s across the country are seeing the benefits of their solar investment and seeing a ROI from day one.

“We recently had Class A Energy Solutions install our Solar system and we are so pleased with the whole experience. The communication and correspondence was friendly, helpful, clear and always prompt.

The presentation of the system was excellent and I would proudly show anyone who is interested. The installers left no mess and everything like the cabling and conduits, was neatly installed. Their attention to detail was superb.”