Mt Barker Fodder 30kW

Passionate about providing the local residents and their livestock with wholesome feed Mount Barker Fodder has been ‘keeping it rural’ since 1967. This family owned and run business encompasses not only the fodder store but the iconic Mount Barker Organic market as well.

Keen to do their bit for the environment Mount Barker Fodder engaged the specialist team at Class A Energy Solutions to design and install a 30kW solar system to help combat their escalating power usage. This resulted in the design and installation of a 120-panel rooftop solar system that will save, on average, 45,990kWh per year. This equates to the removal of 14 cars from the road each year or the planting of 3,300 trees.

The savings, both economical and environmental, were appealing to the owners of the Mount Barker Fodder store, who were keen to do their bit to not only help the environment, but save money as well.