Nocelle Foods 99kW

“We may have a proud history, but we’ve got our eye on the future.”

While still maintaining strong family ties, Nocelle Foods have adopted a modern company structure in order to improve and develop their business. Recent additions at their Pooraka site, such as the installation of a PV solar system, have increased the capacity to cater for future growth whilst minimising their carbon footprint.

Along with their recyclable packaging and consciousness of both the quality of their product and the impact on the environment, Nocelle Foods have chosen to install a 99kW Solar system, which on average will produce 416kW per day, and result in a saving of 110 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, the equivalent of taking 22 cars off the road or planting 11,000 trees each year.

Class A Energy Solutions were able to secure an AusIndustry Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Grant for Nocelle Foods in order to reduce their carbon emissions, with 50% of the project being funded through this program. With the  support of this grant Nocelle foods have, indeed, got their eye on a very bright future.