Penong Hotel 30kW

The Penong Hotel is a lively and welcoming watering hole situated on the Eyre Highway 70Kms west of Ceduna. This old school, surf themed hotel attracts locals and tourists alike with the town of Penong being only 20kms from the world famous surfing beaches of Cactus and Castles as well as the right handed break of Caves Beach. 

Sun lovers themselves, the owners of the Penong hotel were keen to moderate their energy costs and commissioned Class A Energy Solutions to design and install a 120 panel solar PV system to help reduce their ever-increasing power costs.

At full capacity the system will produce over 120kWh of electricity per day, an average of 45,990kWh per annum.

The savings, both environmental and economical, were appealing to the owners of the Penong Hotel, who were keen to do their bit not only for the environment, but their hip pocket too. An excellent investment all round!