Power Purchase Agreement PPA

What is Power Purchase Agreement PPA?

PPA solar (Power Purchase Agreement) is an agreement whereby Class A Energy Solutions pays for the installation of a PV system for your home or business and then sells you the power it generates at a cheaper rate than what you’d pay your existing energy provider. Class A Energy Solutions is effectively leasing your roof space for a set contractual period of time, so the ownership of the system and the responsibility for any maintenance costs remains the responsibility of Class A Energy Solutions.

The key difference between solar leasing and PPAs is that with solar leasing, you’re committing to paying a certain amount of money per month for the use of the system, whereas with a PPA you’re committing to buying a certain number of kWh of energy per month.

Below are the benefits of a PPA

  • No upfront capital cost.
  • Predictable energy pricing.
  • No system performance or operating risk.
  • Projects can be cash flow positive from day one.
  • Visibly demonstrable environmental commitment.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Potential increase in property value.
  • Support for local economy and job creation.¬†

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