The Riverside Hotel 30kW

Situated on the beautiful River Murray, The Riverside Hotel at Tailem Bend have recently installed a 30kW commercial solar system to harvest as much of the suns energy as possible and convert that energy into savings.

As with most other businesses that have installed solar, the results from what the system will do for their electricity bill was really a no brainer.

With electricity prices skyrocketing and commercial solar systems becoming more affordable,   The Riverside Hotel selected Class A Energy Solutions to design and install the 30KW Solar system based on the experience of Class A Energy Solutions many Hotel & Motel installations.

The 120-panel system will save, on average, 45,990kWh per year, which equates to 33 tonnes of green house gas emissions or the planting of 3,300 trees annually.  At full capacity the Riverside Hotel’s system will produce over 120kWh of electricity per day therefore helping to offset their daily power consumption.