Riverton Hotel 20kW

The Riverton Hotel in the picturesque Gilbert Valley in country South Australia recently selected Class A Energy Solutions to help achieve their solar goals. The building, originally built in 1855, has seen many improvements over the years, but none so beneficial to the environment or to the owners as the 80 panel, 20kWh solar array strategically placed on the roof.

As with all our commercial projects, Class A Energy Solutions expertly handled all required applications and paperwork for the Riverton Hotel’s system in order to reduce the lead-time to connection and generation of power. Thus ensuring that they would benefit from their investment quickly. The investment of a 20kWh solar photovoltaic system has not only helped in counteracting the mounting power costs of the Riverton Hotel but is saving them 40,588kWh per year in electricity and over 30 tonnes of green house gas emissions. A positive move all round.