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$0 Down, Cash Flow Positive

save-moneySolar power and energy efficient equipment can be a great investment in the future of your business or your family. We know from years of experience that such technologies will save you money.
Many businesses and families do not invest in these technologies because the high upfront cost and long payback periods can make them uneconomical in the short term.


Our rentals & leases are designed to bring the savings generated by solar power systems and energy savings technologies forward, so you can start reaping the benefits of your investments immediately. You can often save over 30% compared to the price per kilowatt-hour on prevailing electricity contracts.

Commercial Rental

“We finance large renewable energy projects through to small stand-alone battery storage”

Under a commercial rental agreement, the customer rents equipment from Energy Lease. The customer may use all the power produced by the equipment for as long as the rental agreement lasts. Monthly rental payments are a fixed amount and do not depend on the amount of power the system produces.


A major advantage of the commercial rental agreement is that monthly payments are typically 100% tax deductable as a business expense, making this arrangement highly tax effective.


Energy Lease owns the equipment, however at the end of the rental agreement term, the customer may make an offer to purchase the equipment for two monthly repayments. There is no obligation to buy the equipment at the end of the term.

Guaranteed Low Price

With Energy Lease, you’ll know exactly how much you will be paying for energy, now and into the future.


We have extensive experience in the solar industry. Our years of experience have taught us, how much a solar power system cost to set up, monitor and maintain and how much power solar panels produce. We know our industry and that means stability for you.


Our price per kilowatt-hour is determined by expected output and is lower than the retail price of energy so you will save from the moment your solar power system is up and running. As retail energy prices increase in the future, your savings will only get bigger. Our customers are expected to save thousands over the life of their solar system.

Customer Application and Approval Process

Instant approval for up to $75,000 Ex GST (subject to criteria)


  1. Class A Energy Solutions will work with you to design an energy saving or energy generating system that suits your energy needs, site and desires and calculate repayments.
  2. Class A  will assist you to apply for our Loans, Leases or Power Purchase Agreements online or via phone.
  3. Energy lease will send you a contract to review and sign along with a short list of supporting documents required (e.g. proof of property ownership or lease term).
  4. Once the signed contract is returned, approval is often instant.
  5. Installation is scheduled.
  6. Your payments will not begin until installation is complete and you are getting power from your solar system.