Solar System Maintenance

Is your solar system performing at optimum capacity? Be sure you are getting the maximum output from your system and ensure that you don’t void warranties!


The good news is that with no moving parts, solar panels require little maintenance. Simply inspecting your panels a few times a year to check for dirt or debris that may collect on them is quick and easy. A simple wash off with a hose and soft broom may suffice in smaller systems. For large commercial systems, this may prove more of a task, requiring an ongoing maintenance schedule.


It is estimated that solar panel efficiency can be reduced up to 25% due to dirt & dust, debris from trees, bird droppings, particulate pollution etc. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your solar system will improve system longevity, maintain component warranties and ensure maximum electrical output of components. For more information about solar panel maintenance, please click here for an excellent article from our friends at SolarQuotes.


We here at Class A Energy Solutions offer domestic and commercial customers alike access to an ongoing (or one off) Maintenance Program. We offer an annual or bi-annual service that includes;

  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Inverter clean and test
  • Assess mounting for stability
  • Array output voltage/current check
  • AC and DC isolator and cable check
  • Water ingress inspection
  • Maintenance report


With an agreed Maintenance Program you can rest assured that you are getting the best performance from your system, maintaining warranties and maximising your return on investment. Best of all we will contact you to schedule your service, so you won’t even have to give it a second thought.




For more information on our Maintenance Program, or to arrange a service of your system, please fill out the below form and our friendly staff will be in touch. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 1800 99 79 79.


As a rough guide, our services are ~$5 per panel (< 30kW) and ~$4.50 per panel (> 30kW). This equates to ~$200 for a 10kW system, $600 for a 30kW system, and ~$1800 for a 100kW system (based on 250W panels on a single storey building close to Adelaide. Costs may vary so please, contact us for a firm quote today!).


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Sytem Size
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