Thrifty Rental 50kW

Established in 1964 Thrifty NT and Kimberley is a locally owned Franchise and is recognised in the marketplace as offering customer service tailored to suit the needs of each individual customer.  As Class A Energy Solutions specializes in tailoring energy reduction systems to individual client requirements it therefore made sense for Thrifty to trust Class A to meet their solar needs.

After an in-depth analysis of Thrifty NT’s usage of power, Class A Energy Solutions designed and installed a 50KW commercial solar system, which is saving them on average 80,300kWh per year in electricity consumption and additionally saving over 60 tonnes of green house gas emissions, which equates to about 13 cars off the road each year.

An added financial bonus is that this system has been cash flow positive from day one, proving to a be not only an investment in the environment but a positive financial investment also.