Wanera Wine Bar

Following the lead from other respected local establishments such as the Old spot hotel, the Smithfield Hotel and both the Tanunda Hotels, Wanera Wine Bar  & Restaurant wanted to make the most of the South Australian sunshine and harness it to help reduce their ever increasing power costs.

Keeping both the available roof space and power needs of Wanera Wine Bar & Restaurant in mind, The Class A Energy Solutions design and technical team planned and installed a 30kW solar PV system

This system will generate an average 45,990kWh per year, and at an average of 0.30cents a kW, this investment has proven to be cash flow positive from day one. The environmental benefits result in a saving of 33 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, 6 cars off the road the equivalent of 3,300 trees planted.

Lastly the food and hospitality at The Wanera Wine Bar & Restaurant is sensational.