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For the vast majority of businesses, energy consumption is greatest during the day. This is ideal for the installation of a rooftop solar system, as solar generation throughout the day can significantly reduce a businesses energy consumption from the grid. Our aim is to provide savings that go beyond simply covering the cost of financing the system, but to provide additional savings to free up cash-flow for your business.


Class A Energy Solutions will conduct a free audit of your businesses energy usage and come up with strategies to help you reduce your overall energy consumption. Solar, energy efficient lighting and/or VSDs (variable speed drives), or a combination of these, can be employed to reduce overall energy usage at your business. Our aim is to get your your maximum return on energy saving measures.


  • Do you want to reduce capital expenditure?
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Paneling the roof during the installation of a 100kW system for Pasture Genetics.

*An additional four (4) panels will be included at no extra cost to customers on solar systems purchased and installed with Class A Energy Solutions above 10kW capacity. Full Terms & Conditions are available upon request.

**Offer may be extended at Class A Energy Solution’s discretion.